When the world was young and the gods had finished creating all the animals, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, began to tease Poseidon, God of the Sea, because many of the creatures in the world were so ugly. And so, Poseidon was determined to prove to her that he could create the perfect animal, one that was both strong and beautiful. After several failed attempts at creating the perfect animal--creating along the way, the camel, the giraffe, and the zebra--he finally created an animal with powerful legs, a proportional head, no humps, and a solid colored coat. This was the horse, both beautiful and strong and a magnificent animal to behold.

Horses have always been an important part of the Greek civilization and there have been many horses that have become well known throughout the land such as Xanthus and Balius, Achilles' immortal horses who were swift steeds, helpers during the Trojan War, the winged horse Pegasus that Bellerophon tamed and used to help slay the Chimera, and Apollo's fiery chariot stallions that pull the chariot of the sun across the sky each day. But by far the most famous horse in ancient Greece would have to be the beloved horse of Xena Warrior Princess, the greatest warrior in all of Greece: Argo.

With her stunning golden coat and cream-colored mane and tail, Argo is definitely one of the most beautiful horses ever to grace the Greek land. And her beauty is a perfect match for Xena, the mighty warrior who wouldn't accept anything less of a horse. Argo is powerful and strong, along with intelligent. She has a personality all her own, which is rare among horses and it sometimes seems that she is just as smart as the people around her. She can sense danger when it's near, she can issue commands to other horses, she has been taught a series of different commands that she obeys just by the sound of a whistle, and she was the first to realize that Xena was pregnant. Argo also seems to feel emotions just as humans do because sometimes she can get jealous when it comes to Xena's affections, she can be moody, and she has been known to present a number of different facial expressions, all of which are examples of how similar to humans she really is.

Argo is a magnificent animal, a great companion to Xena. Just as the chakram is a symbol of Xena, so is Argo, the mighty golden steed that, when mounted on her back, makes Xena's presence both commanding and beautiful.




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