Argo has been through a lot during her many years with Xena. From saving Xena and Gabrielle numerous times in many different situations to being changed into a miniature size version of herself, Argo has always been a loyal companion to Xena and Gabrielle. And even after her death during their 25-year ice cave sleep, Argo's daughter, Argo II--who looks strikingly similar to her mother--became fond of Xena from the very first moment they met. She continued Argo's legacy and was loyal to the people her mother found companionship with and would have been until the end of her days.

Argo/Argo II made an appearence in 77 of the 134 episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Season One

157 Screencaps

Season Two

59 Screencaps

Season Three

57 Screencaps

Season Four

125 Screencaps

Season Five

104 Screencaps

Season Six

42 Screencaps